Polish Vincentians – Servants of God – first victims of WWII

8826-001-55-1078On September 9, 1939, the 9th day since III Reich invasion on Poland, Province of Poland of the Congregation of the Mission suffered first sacrifices. In Bydgoszcz, in a round-up organized as part of repressions after so called “bloody Sunday” two confreres from Vincentian House in the parish of St. Vincent de Paul in Bydgoszcz were captured and detained: Servant of God Fr. Stanislaw Wiorek CM and Servant of God Fr. Piotr Szarek CM. Both of them left the house earlier in the day in order to fill the obligation of official registration imposed by occupant authorities. They weren’t able to escape the capture. In the group of 25 people they were lead to Stary Rynek (Old Marketplace) in Bydgoszcz and almost immediately shoot killed. On September 17, 2003 in Krakow, a Diocesan inquest of eleven Polish Vincentains, martyrs of WWII, toward beatification was initiated.

PiotrSzarekServant of God Fr. Piotr Szarek CM was born on May 7, 1908 in Zlotniki, about 70 miles north of Krakow (in then Kielce county). He entered the COngregation of the Mission in 1926. A year after being ordained priest on June 3, 1934, he was assigned to the parish of St. Vincent de Paul in Bydgoszcz as vicar. Soon parishioners recognized him as zealous priest and minister, epecially involved in service to children. According to witnesses, he made anointment to some of the people he was captured with executed together.

StanislawWiorekServant of God Fr. Stanislaw Wiorek CM was born on December 12, 1912 in Boltrop, Westphalia.  He entered the Congregation in 1926 in the Province of Poland. After completing theological studies in the Vincentian Institute of Theology in Krakow he was sent to Angelicum in Rome to continue education. Meanwhile, in 1938 he was ordained priest in Krakow. After return from Rome was sent to support ministry of other confreres in Bydgoszcz.

Prayer for Beatification

Allmighty God, You show your paternal love in any time, and in the world distracted by struggles and dissension You make man capable of forgiveness and reconciliation. Martyrs of the faith are symbol of victory of fidelity over defection and the triumph of love over hatred. Thus, we ask You give us your blessing during the inquest of Martyrs of World War II. Let the martyred death of your servants from the Congregation of the Mission, starred into suffering and risen from the death Christ and their introduction to the glory of altars will be a gift of your never ending love, source of strength in faithful submission to Your Will and the declaration of participation in the final triumph of good over evil. We ask for this, Good Father through Christ, the crown of Saints and Our Lady, the Queen of Martyrs. Amen.

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